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Report Card and Mark Analysis reports can be instantly generated with very minimum entries ascribed to the task, providing stress-free solution to teachers and management.

GIFT School Students Mark Analysis and Rank Card Preparation Software is an unique products for Academic Institutions, Management Schools, Office Automation Tools for Schools, Training Center, Coaching Institutes in India and Worldwide.

Best Branded Low cost Student Mark Analysis Software Products available in the Market.

Flexible automation Tools for Government Schools and Private Managements Schools in India.

GIFT School Student Exam Mark Analysis and Rank / Grade Card Preparation Software Product is installed in more than 500 schools in all the type of educational institution for their complete students examination marks analysis works.

[ Primary, High School, Higher Secondary, Day, Boarding School, Private, Management and Convent Schools, Training Centers, Tuition / Coaching Classes etc..]

Students Mark Analysis & Rank Card Software Free Trial / Demo Download Available for evaluation and Testing before purchase .

what do you get

MA & RCPS [ Mark Analysis & Rank Card Preparation Software ]
Implementation of this software leads us to analyze the student’s performance under various criteria & plays a major role in the student’s improvement process.
Ability to add / retrieve the detailed information about students like Father / Guardian Name, Address, Emergency Contact No, Religion, community etc.,
Valuable features enabled to flow the data in a flexible manner & it will allow us to compare the performances under Class division, Students, etc.,
One stop software solution to handle your school Rank card preparation process in a short time which saves up to 95% of your manual work.
Control the operations of the Rank card preparation process with the minimal manpower ( single staff ) & change your working strategy into trouble free, paperless management.
Ability to track & analyze the subject average by various combinations like Exam - wise & class - wise.
Statistical reports like Student Mark Comparison & Student list can be taken under various criteria as per our requirement.
Provision to prepare & print the Rank Card in no time.
Essential reports like Class list & Periodical Academic performance report can be taken instantly which will be a useful report in submission of student’s in detail to CEO / DEO ( Chief / District Educational Office ) & SSA ( Sarva Shiksha Abiyan ).
Sensational pre - defined comparison reports can be exported to excel format & its graphical representation can be printed, which leads us to prepare customized report as per your school requirement.
Do you want a special feature to set the essential conditions like subject wise allowed marks ( Maximum / Minimum ) & Subject wise teacher allotment for each class & division?
Do you want to control the occurrence of the subject to be included in the rank calculation? [ Some subjects marks wont be taken in rank calculation like Moral Science, Physical education etc., ]
Are you in need of a special feature to set different criteria for rank & grade calculation under various combinations like Exam - wise & Class-Division wise?
Are you facing difficulties to do the data entry work to apply the same common settings to other classes in the same & next academic year?
Do you want to do the usual formal operations smoothly in a simple way like promoting / retaining the students from one class to another & relieving the students?
General Details
Single user / Multi user environment
User Creation & high security setting options
Help Available for each and every screen
Database Backup / Restore options.


How it works

Enter your school name, address and other details in the School Setup, which will be displayed as a heading in all your reports.
Mark Analysis & Rank Card Working Flowchart

Enter the class & section in Class Division Entry
Complete the other steps by creating Blood group, Subject, Teacher, Religion, Community etc., in respective master’s screen which will be going to prevent data duplication & to save your data entry time.
Enter the required details in Student Master to admit the student in your school.
Put admission entry for those students by assigning the class & division through Student Admission Entry
Set subject wise allowed marks ( Maximum / Minimum ), Subject wise teacher allotment, set the status of Taken for Rank and enter the subject order in Class Subject Teacher Mark Entry Screen.
Incase if you want to copy the common settings of Class subject teacher entry to other classes in same or next academic year, then you can copy the same by using the Copy - Class subject Teacher Entry Screen.
Set the criteria to calculate the rank grade for each class - divisions & exams.
If you want to copy the same common setting of Rank grade setup means you can copy the same by suing the Copy - Rank Grade Setup Screen.
Enter the marks through class wise mark entry screen. That’s it, now you can prepare the rank list to view the details & print the rank card.


How does it help you

Maximum Marks & Maximum Allowed marks setting option.
User can set which subjects to be taken for Rank calculation.
Rank - Grade setting.
Setting made for one class can be copied to other classes or to next academic year.
Mark entry can be done either Subject - wise or Student - wise.
Easy to use student Promotion / Retaining entry.
Rank - Grade preparation possible for a single division or for a group of divisions.
Rank card printing.
Subject average can be generated for a single division or for a group of divisions for a selected Exam.
For selected Exams subject average can be generated for a class - division.
For selected Exams student mark comparison.
For an exam and for selected academic years student mark comparison.
List of students below class average or user specified value.
List of student above class average or user specified value.
Graphical representation for comparison reports.
Single / Multi - user environment.
User creation and High security setting options.
Backup / Restore options.
Help available for each and every screen.
DEO / CEO / Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan reports incorporated.


Gift School Mark Analysis & Rank Card Software Suitable for Educational Institutions / Schools like

Government, Private, Government Aided, Anglo Indian, Matriculation, ICSE Board, CBSE Schools, Play Schools, State Board Schools, Residential / Boarding / International Schools, Montessori Schools, Language Schools, Primary / Upper Primary & Nursery / Kids Schools, Rural / Urban Schools, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools also suitable for Training Centres and Coaching Classes.

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