Timetable Framing Software

Indicates all the teachers activities being undertaken.

Question Bank Creation & Question Paper Preparation Software

Enables you to store, edit, and search for questions.

Fees Collection Software

Maintain source of income and major activity of any day in a school.

Student Management Software

Admission and relieving process of both new and the old students.

Students Mark Analysis & Rank Card Software

Logical and systematical functions of CBSE & Non-CBSE Students.

Examination Software for Institutions

An excellent service for conducting exams in schools/institutes/ coaching centres.

Schools Pre Admission Management Software

Admit a student directly without filling the enquiry forms.

Schools Syllabus Management Software

Summary of topics to be covered in an education or training course.

Schools Staff Management Software

Maintain personal and relieving details of staffs.

Schools SMS Management Software

Enables to send text messages to mobile users.

Schools Library Management Software

Center and coordinating agency for all material used in the schools.

Schools Inventory Management Software

Track and control your stock and manages sale, purchase etc.

Schools Accounts Management Software

Control and report on the financial health of the organization.

Schools Attendance Management Software

Parents / Guardians to deal with problems of truancy / absenteeism.

Schools Exam Room Allocation Management Software

Administrate the allocation of rooms for exams.

Schools Event Planning Management Software

Process of planning a festival, ceremony, competition, concert etc.

Schools Front Office Management Software

To Record the details of the walk-ins, appointments with principal, teachers etc.

Schools Payroll Management Software

Financial records for an employee, wages, bonuses and deductions.

Schools Communication Management Software

Enables to send mails/important messages to staffs or users.

Schools Exam Management Software

Administrate the allocation of rooms for exams.

Features – School Software Products

Thanks to your unstinting support, we have grown from strength to strength and our products are in great demand and receive very good customer feedback.

We have constantly working on educational institution automation work for the last 10 years and have come out with a GIFT-SchoolTM Series of innovative software products for schools.

Desktop – based, User friendly screens Tried and tested, easy to learn & user friendly Competently optimized human resources.

Office Automation on Demand

With years of core development knowledge and education domain expertise behind us, we are now also well placed to tap the educational institutions sector across the globe.

These modules help the management to organize work more efficiently and systematically than ever.

A terrific software products tool which helps to achieve success which improving management, teaching and resolving everyday problems. The elemental factor of the programme is unique and translates work into and a masterstroke.

What’s new at School Softwares?

Software – Payroll Management System
Software – Communication System
Software – Exam Management System
Institute Management System Software Released.
Updated version of Question Bank Software.
Multi language version fees collection software available.