Schools Syllabus Management Software

Allot Staffs for each subject based on class and division

Schedule the period for completing the syllabus for each staff

Schools Syllabus Management Software

Features :

  • We can view the Syllabus details report which includes the details like Subject Name along with Staff Name who is handling that subject and also the syllabus time schedule
  • We can View the details like whether the staff has completed the syllabus within the scheduled period or later
  • We can enter syllabus book information such as Book Name, Author Name, Version, Publisher Name and Publish Year for each subject
  • We can Upload Syllabus Book Information as an image, Word document or notepad files
  • We can enter syllabus completion date and also remarks regarding the syllabus completion
  • We can view the Syllabus Book Information details for each subject
  • We can download the uploaded syllabus book information files by selecting their respective class and division

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